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Founded in 1988 based upon the already existing Luis Peña Ganchegui architectural firm (widely considered as the pinnacle of architectural practice in the Basque Country from the begining of its professional life in the early 60s until its death in April 2009), “peña ganchegui y asociados” represents a professional partnership capable of undertaking the challenge of working out urbanistic and architectural projects encompassing, in its widest sense, the respective scales of design and execution to ensure that they jointly meet the ever rising public demands of today’s modern world.

As befits their character as professionals focused on finding bespoke solutions, each member from the “peña ganchegui y asociados” architectural practice, undertakse all projects, regardelss of its scale, as an investigation into itself whereby to combine each of the following items: attention to the ability of the design to fit into the distinctive character of the site, appliance of case by case constructive technology as a tool to reflect the expression of an achitectural form and achievement of the most efficient ratio between available space and material resources.

Starting with the already existing infrastructure, each of the architects belonging to the firm discharge their duties by a close and joint collaboration with professional firms and individuals from other fields of activity, as appliccable on a case by case basis, so that the client may benefit from a smooth and efficient working pattern while actively participating fromperfil the continuous learning curve of each team member.

rocío peña
Rocío Peña Azpilicueta
San Sebastián, 1964.

She studied architecture in Barcelona between 1983 and 1990, working during the last year with the architect Enric Miralles.

In 1990 she joined Peña Ganchegui y Asociados as a collaborator. She got her architect's degree from the ETSAB in Barcelona, in 1992. Since 1993 she leads the studio as a partner.

Mario Sangalli Uggeri
San Sebastián, 1964.

He studied architecture in Barcelona between 1982 and 1988. After joining Peña Ganchegui y Asociados as a collaborator, he got her architect's degree from the ETSAB in Barcelona, in 1990, and his PhD's degree from the ETSASS in San Sebastián, in 2013.

Since 1991 he leads the studio as a partner. He started teaching architecture in 1992 at the ETSASS, where he has been teaching subjects related to Technical Drawing, Facilities, Construction and Projects, subject to which he devotes his teaching as an Associate Professor since 1998.

mario sangalli